Herb, Anise

Pimpinella anisum
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  • Annual plants
  • Plants grow to about 3 feet tall
  • Green leaves white flowers
  • Sweet and spicy flavor

This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States.

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Herb, Anise Description

Anise is most likely native to the area around the Mediterranean and into Southwest Asia. It was cultivated in Egypt and the Middle East before it was brough to Europe. Anise was valued for its medicinal use before becoming a culinary herb.

Learn to Grow it

You can sow seeds indoors or directly into the soil in mild areas starting around mid-spring.

Space your plants or seeds 6-8 inches apart in well fertilized soil. Plant your seeds 1/4-3/4 in. deep.

This is a "cut-and-come-again" plant so you can harvest leaves as they mature. Keep the leaves well watered and cool.

Mulching the soil around this crop can help protect the plant and keep roots cool and moist. In frost-free zones, this crop can be grow throughout the fall and winter.