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Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Since 1975, our members have been passing on our garden heritage by collecting and distributing thousands of samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners.

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  • Seed Savers Exchange has developed a diverse public orchard, where hundreds of different varieties of apples are on display.

  • Winter Care of Your Fruit Trees

    With October here and a distinct chill in the air, it time to think about protecting all your fruit trees that you've nurtured through the growing season. If you want to avoid the cost of replacing trees year after year, make a plan now to keep pests away.

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  • Winter Luxury Squash Pie

    Looking to increase the number of "oohs" and "aahs" you receive this fall? Try going the homemade heirloom route by using winter squash instead of canned pumpkin in your pumpkin pies. One of the very best varieties for making pies is Winter Luxury, whose seeds are available from Seed Savers Exchange.

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  • Special Anniversary Calendar

    Celebrate 40 years of Seed Savers Exchange with this full color calendar for 2015, featuring photos, recipes, dates of significance and much more.

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