Herb, Isle of Naxos Basil

O. basilicum | SKU: 0157A
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  • Organic
  • Annual plants
  • Plants will grow to 24-30 inches

$3.75 to $16.50

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A lettuce-leaf strain, this tall basil grows 24-30" and produces a steady crop of large, lush leaves, if its flowers are pinched off regularly. The basil comes from longtime Seed Savers Exchange member and advisor David Cavagnaro, who received it from Jana Muhar, who collected the seeds while living on the Greek island of Naxos. Annual.

Learn to Grow Herb, Isle of Naxos Basil

Start Indoors: 8-10 weeks before planting out

Germination: 10-15 Days

Plant Outdoors: 12-24” Apart

Light: Full Sun

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors when soil is warm and temperature does not drop below 65°F. Can also be started indoors 4-6 weeks before planting out. Make successive sowings for continuous summer supplies. Pinch back flower stalks as they appear to keep plants from bolting. Prefers rich well-drained soil.

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Low maintenance and a heady scent!


My son gave me some of your seeds as a gift. The Isle of Naxos basil was among them and so easy to grow. I started it indoors in seed pots and moved it outside to a deck planter where it flourished. I need more for next year!

Amazing, lush basil plants!


I LOVE this basil. I grow this and also the Genovese basil and prefer this one, hands down. It is delicious, grows massive amounts, and is way more lush than the Genovese. I think it also has a better flavor -- less bitter and strong. So glad I grew a TON of this stuff. It's a great companion plant for lots of plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), so I put a few seeds in a bunch of holes all around those plants and now have a massive supply of basil all over the garden. Enjoy!