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We partner with retailers across the country to bring Seed Savers Exchange seeds to their shelves.

Why Carry Our Seeds

Quality and brand recognition. The exceptional germination rate of our seeds and the incredible produce and flowers the seeds yield keeps gardeners coming back year after year. With over 40 years of experience, Seed Savers Exchange is a recognizable name gardeners like your customers have come to trust.

Exceptional selection. We offer over 600 non-GMO garden seed varieties, including not just proven favorites, but unique rare, heirloom, and hard-to-find varieties to pique your customer’s interests. (A majority of varieties are also certified organic.)

Together, we're doing good. All seed sales support our nonprofit work. We maintain a seed bank of over 25,000 varieties, which serves to keep biodiversity thriving and stories of heirloom seeds alive. As a seed rack retailer, you, and your customers, are making a difference in the world, helping keep rare varieties where they belong, in our gardens and on our tables.

“Seed Savers is an excellent product for our conscientious customers, and fortunately we have quite a few. Seed Savers also offers a wide selection of both staple seeds, and hard to find heirlooms. The customer service at Seed Savers is outstanding. They go out of your way to make us happy - and we are”

Whites Mill, Athens, OH

Bottom Line: Our partners enjoy the best profit margin in the industry with an option to return seeds for credit, great customer service, and an easy ordering system, all while offering an extraordinary product to their customers.

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Other Perks

Benefits of being a Seed Rack customer include:

  • 10% off books, gifts, apparel, bulk seed quantities, and live plant material (transplants, garlic, and potatoes)
  • Email newsletters from Seed Savers Exchange
  • Digital issues of our quarterly magazine, The Heritage Farm Companion