Prize Choy Asian Green

Brassica rapa | SKU: 1560A P500
8 Reviews
  • Organic
  • Mild flavor
  • White stems and green leaves
  • Bolt resistant
  • 45-50 days
  • ±14,000 seeds/oz

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(Brassica rapa) Beautiful upright pac choy with succulent white stems and lush green leaves. This strain is especially uniform, vigorous, and bolt resistant. Delicious mild flavor. Excellent in stir-fries. 45-50 days. ±14,000 seeds/oz.

Learn to Grow Prize Choy Asian Green

Direct Seed: 1" Apart

Seed Depth: 1/4"

Rows Apart: 18"

Thin: 6-12" Apart

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed to prevent premature flowering. Can also be planted in late summer for a fall crop. Seeds will germinate in 4-7 days. Plant in full sun to partial shade.

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Gorgeous, quick-to-grow and super delicious! They grow incredibly well in a a greenhouse. Their leaves are a brighter, more vibrant green than what is pictured, even though that doesn't really matter. I highly recommend this Prize Choy!

Overall pretty good


I have had good germination of these the three years I have been growing them. Though uniform growth is not what i have seen. The plants growth rate varies, I have had some that are harvest ready, while it's next door neighbor was only half grown.

The flavor is good, and even if a little undersized sometimes, still very worth growing as both a spring and autumn crop. I have had better, more uniform growth in the autumn then the spring. Also, worth noting, autumn crops will keep well in the cellar for at least a month if pulled, roots and all, and placed in some soil or wrapped in damp paper. My cellar is very moist, so that helps, try and see what works for you.



Choy is now one of my favorites. The flavor is wonderful and it grows like a champ

Dependable and delicious!


Grows great in North AL. Doesn't ever seem to be phased by bugs or disease or weather. A very hardy dependable plant that stores well in the frig. I'll pick a bunch, wash, cut up and store in a ziploc in the frig for a long time. I'll grab handfuls as needed all through the week. Wonderful flavor.

Too easy!


Wow! What a producer! We grew these in a couple of repurposed fish emulsion barrels and had salad greens all spring and summer. Then in early August planted in a fall garden , harvest 4 rows 16ft long in late October. We ate this literally 6 days a week until late march. A quick blanch and frozen in a food sealer bag was awesome. My advise is to chop it before you process it. Incredibly easy to grow here in central Massachusetts



Grows strong and tastes great. Only negative is the caterpillars will fight you for every leaf. We opted to harvest individual leaves over a long period of time versus entire heads. Great in soups and sautéed. Absolutely worth growing, just keep those little buggers away away! (zone 10a/b)

Love these


One of our favorites. Incredible yields here in central Massachusetts. We do a planting every few weeks throughout the season in barrels to eat fresh. In early August we plant 3 rows 16 feet long which gives us enough to freeze for the winter. Impossible to say enough good things about these.

They are great!


These plants grew wonderfully in 4b Wisconsin. I didn't space them out enough. These guys get big. Flavor is great! they make fantastic stir fry. caterpillars didn't seem to bug them much but I have had some issues with flea beetles. Overall good. I loved em.