Poona Kheera Cucumber

Cucumis sativus | SKU: 1475A P25
2 Reviews
  • Organic
  • Smooth white skin matures to russet brown
  • Tender and delicious
  • Disease resistant
  • 55 days
  • ±1,000 seeds/oz

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Originally from Poona, India, this very unusual cucumber matures into what looks like a large russet potato. Smooth-skinned fruits turn from white to golden-yellow to russet brown and may be eaten at any stage, skin and all. Tender, crisp, and delicious. Hardy disease resistant vines produce an early crop with good yields. 55 days. ±1,000 seeds/oz.

Learn to Grow Poona Kheera Cucumber

Direct Seed: 1" Deep

Seeds to Hill: 6-8 Seeds

Thin: To 3-4 Plants

Light: Full Sun

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after the last frost when soil is warm. Space hills 6' apart in all directions. Can also be started indoors 2-4 weeks before the last frost for an earlier harvest. Cucumbers benefit from consistent moisture. Provide support for vines to save space.

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Awesome cucs in rain and humidity.


I have grown these on the windward (rainy) side of the big island of Hawaii for a few years and found them to be the only cucumbers that consistently produce, don't get disease or mildew in our abundant rains (130" per year) and steadily high humidity. These are never bitter, can be eaten at yellow or brown stage and are great slicers. My favorites out doors of hand pollinated in a greenhouse.

Really Holds up in Cucumber Salads


I really like this cucumber in creamy salads and refrigerator pickles. It stands up to the dressing really well. I don't find it to be "tender" as described so it is not my favorite for eating out of hand but it is still good.