Feaster Family Heirloom Mustard

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  • From the Collection
  • Mild flavor
  • Plants reach 20-25" tall and 16-18" wide
  • Family favorite since the Civil War

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$2.25 $3.75

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This heirloom variety has been stewarded and preserved by members of the Feaster family of rural Shiloh, Florida (Marion County), since the Civil War. This green-leaved mustard is mild and slightly sweet when cooked and was donated to Seed Savers Exchange by Jerome Feaster in 2014. Bearing long, broad, smooth, upright leaves with a toothed margin, these plants reach 20-25" tall and 16-18" wide.

Learn to Grow Feaster Family Heirloom Mustard

Start Indoors: 6 weeks before last frost

Direct Seed: 1/2" Deep

Thin: 1-6" Apart

Plant Outdoors: 6-8” Apart

You can directly seed your mustards into the ground, placing 3 seeds every 8 inches. Plant them 3 months before your first frost in rows 18-30 inches apart. The seeds should be planted 1/4-1/2 inch deep. As they grow, thin them to 1 plant every 8-10 inches. Mustards may bolt early if planted in the spring.

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Good flavor and easy to grow


This mustard took off even though I did not get the seeds in the ground until nearly the last day optimal planting for cold crops here in Oklahoma City, zone 7a. The flavor was great, perhaps a little mild, and we ate it raw in salads, cooked, and also fermented. When the heat finally made it bolt we let it bloom and a variety of pollinators were attracted to it's little yellow flowers. I will definitely grow it again.

MM-MM Good!


Didn't get really big last year, but is a really good mustard. Really easy to grow. Looks really good as well.

Very flavorful but a little stringy...


I grew them in the same central Florida area they come from. Took me 67 days to get them to nice eatin' size & they were delicious...Better than most!