Bloody Butcher Corn

Zea mays | SKU: 0156A P50
  • 2018 From the Collection variety
  • Organic
  • 95 days

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With ears that reach 8-9" in length and striking dark- red kernels, this quick-maturing heirloom dent corn is great as an ornamental and for making distinctively colored flour. Acquired from Ernest Strubbe, a well-known Minnesota wildlife artist, this is a northern-adapted strain of an old eastern U.S. variety that predates 1870. Its sturdy stalks reach 8' in height at maturity. 95 days.  1,100 seeds per pound.

Dating Back This variety was acquired from Ernest Strubbe (1915-1986) of Alberta, Minnesota who described the corn as a local, old-type grown since before "his time." Ernest's seed stock is a northern-adapted strain of the much older variety, Bloody Butcher. Many strains of it exist today, but Bloody Butcher likely originated in the eastern U.S. before the mid-1800s. By 1870, the Iowa State Agricultural Society reported that Bloody Butcher was being grown in both Iowa and Indiana.

A Renaissance Man Ernest Strubbe was a farmer, wildlife artist, photographer, ornithologist, conservationist, and amateur corn breeder, among other talents. He spent over 50 years breeding dent corns in beautiful and unusual colors such as grey, turquoise, blue, pink, purple and even green.

Seed Savers Exchange is honored to bring this variety out of our bank and into the hands of gardeners.