Garden Starting Gift Set

SKU: PD0735
5-piece set:
  • Garden Planning Slide Chart
  • Garden Planting Line
  • Garden Planting Ruler
  • Wood Plant Labels (25 count)
  • Garden Marker

All of the essentials for planting (except the seeds!) in one handy kit. Start with our popular garden planning slide chart, which tells you when to plant specific crops. Then mark out rows (and keep them straight) with a wood and twine garden planting line. Use the planting ruler to ensure your seeds are evenly spaced (and with the correct spacing requirements). And never again guess what is planted where: write plant info on one of the 25 included wood plant labels, using the moisture and fade resistant garden marker (the ink works on a variety of surfaces and is xylene free and alcohol based and is environmentally-friendly and child safe).