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Our FREE 2022 Seed Savers Exchange Catalog is filled with non-GMO organic seed varieties, beloved heirlooms, and newly available varieties from our seed bank. The catalog will begin mailing in early December, but while you’re waiting to receive your copy, you can shop our website.

You can check out the 2022 digital catalog too.

Let’s Grow Together

Be confident in your purchase. Seed Savers Exchange brings you seeds that are open-pollinated and non-GMO. We also provide extensive growing guides and blog posts to keep you informed of new techniques and happenings in the garden world.

Doing good—together. By supporting our nonprofit mission with your seed purchases, you help keep heirlooms seeds where they belong: in our gardens and on our tables.

Catalog FAQs

Who can sign up?Free catalogs can only be shipped to addresses in the United States. Canadian Residence may purchase a catalog when they begin to ship in early December.

Am I already on the catalog list? If you have made a purchase in the last 2 years or requested a catalog in the last year then you are already on the list for the 2022 catalog.

Do you have a digital version? Yes, It will be made available on the website once we begin mailing the 2022 catalog.

And you can always shop 24/7.