Heirloom & Organic Pepper Seeds

Browse our robust collection of heirloom and organic pepper seeds varieties. From sweet to hot, our peppers are always a garden favorite. Native to South America, they pack a nutritious punch. Buy heirloom pepper seeds for your garden and grow a colorful and tasty crop this year.

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Pepper, Aji Cristal
$2.99 to $234.20
Pepper, Alma Paprika
$2.99 to $85.00
Pepper, Ancho Gigantea
$2.99 to $38.25
Pepper, Aurora
$2.99 to $16.50
Pepper, Bull Nose Bell
$2.99 to $195.80
Pepper, Buran
$2.99 to $45.75
Pepper, Chervena Chushka
$2.99 to $16.25
Pepper, Chocolate Beauty
$2.99 to $38.25
Pepper, Cyklon
$2.99 to $85.00
Pepper, Fatalii
$2.99 to $146.40