Request a Yearbook

As thanks for being a member, you have access to the Yearbook, our annual print directory of seeds and plants listed in our international gardener-to-gardener seed swap, the Exchange. We do ask that you request your copy so we can be responsible stewards of the resources required to print and distribute the Yearbook. Please request your Yearbook using the link below.

Paperless and Senior levels do not have access to a free print Yearbook but can download a digital PDF of the Yearbook using the link below or use the Exchange website.

When will my Yearbook arrive?

Yearbooks are compiled in December and mailed in January. Request your Yearbook by December 7, 2020 to be included in our first shipment. Requests between December 8 and March 31 will be shipped as we receive them. Requests after March 31 will have to wait for the following calendar year to receive a Yearbook.

Yearbook FAQs

No, once you let us know that you prefer to receive a Yearbook, you will be shipped a copy each year that your membership is active.

The Paperless Membership and Senior Membership levels are affordably priced and tailored to supporters that aim to conserve resources and receive communication from Seed Savers Exchange digitally. It is still possible to order a print copy of the Yearbook.

The Seed Exchange is our community seed swap. Gardeners list seeds they’ve grown, making them available to other Exchange participants. The Exchange facilitates the sharing of heirloom seeds so that they may be grown and stewarded by more and more people. The Exchange is at the heart of our mission and story.

Go to the Exchange website and log in or create an account. First-time users will need to create a separate login from the one they created on (It’s acceptable to create a login setup that matches your account.) Those who joined prior to August 2017 and previously used the Exchange will need to update their password only. You will need to create an account to request or list seeds, or view an Exchange participant's contact information. For questions about the exchange, please send us an email or give us a call at (563) 387-5672.

The Yearbook is a paper copy of what seeds are listed in the Exchange. Seeds can be listed at any time on the Exchange, whereas the Yearbook provides a snapshot. Listings are gathered at the end of a year and printed in a book, much like a phone book. The Yearbook was the original Exchange and existed long before the online Exchange.

Members at the $50 level or above are eligible to receive the paper Yearbook, but you must request it, as it is not automatically sent to eligible members. Please email to request. (Yearbooks are distributed in January/February.)

Qualifying members are eligible to receive the Yearbook that is issued during the term of their membership. If you join after February (when the current year’s Yearbook is distributed), you are eligible to receive the following calendar year's Yearbook. ie- If you join in March 2018, you will receive the 2019 Yearbook. All of the listings contained within the Yearbook are accessible on the online Exchange.