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John Withee purchased this bean from R.H. Shumway’s Seed Company in the 1970s. R.H. Shumway’s first offered a variety by the name ‘McCaslan’ in 1934. However, a bean by this name has been commercially available since it was first introduced by Hastings’ Seed Company in 1912 as ‘McCasland.’ The Hastings Seed company described their original source for this bean as a Georgia family who had kept it for many years. After the death of Ms. McCasland’s husband, who was an admirer of Hastings’ Seed Company, Ms. McCasland sent a sample and asked that it be named after the family. According to The Vegetables of New York published by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in 1931, “This variety is grown chiefly in the South where popular usage has shortened the name to McCaslan.” The transition from ‘McCasland’ to ‘McCaslan’ occurred between fall 1915 and spring 1916 in the Hastings’ seed catalog.