Kentucky Wonder, White Seeded

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John Withee acquired this variety from the late, Lyman Fitzgerald (1909-1991). Lyman was born and raised in Tennessee, but after it was recommended that he move to a warmer climate to relieve symptoms of asthma, he settled in New Mexico. Lyman learned to garden and save seeds while growing up during the Great Depression. It wasn’t until after his retirement that his gardening and seed saving expanded. He was a market farmer in Albuquerque, New Mexico for at least 20 years and ran a small seed company, distributing samples from his bean collection. His hobby-turned-business made him a bit of a local celebrity and he was interviewed by local newspapers and news stations. He alternated growing different beans each year to maintain his collection, but he grew ‘Kentucky White, White Seeded’ every year because it was his most popular snap bean at the farmers market.