Whitesitt Family Baby Lima Bean

Phaseolus lunatus | SKU: 0160A P50


  • Organic
  • Pole habit
  • 100-110 days
  • From the Collection Variety 2018


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Prized for its versatility, this heirloom pole lima bean is delicious. When jade-green, the limas are sweet-tasting and thin-skinned; the dry limas have a creamy texture and buttery flavor. Its slightly curved pods average 2.9" long by 0.8" wide. Prized by the Whitesitt family since 1887, when the family brought it to Montana’s Bitterroot Valley from Kansas. 100-110 days for dry beans. Pole.

In the Family This heirloom lima bean has been grown by at least four generations of the Whitesitt family. Albert "Newt" Newton Whitesitt homesteaded in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley in 1883 and built a log cabin near Corvallis. In the fall of 1886, he returned to Redfield, Kansas to marry his sweetheart, Mary Frances "Fannie" Wagy. They brought the bean to Montana with them in the spring of 1887. Their daughter, Inez (Whitesitt) Hull, prized the lima beans for their small size and often served them creamed, at holiday dinners. Inez's daughter and son-in-law, Ruth and Russell Bay of Missoula, Montana, donated this variety to Seed Savers Exchange in the 1980s.

Giving Back In 2016, we returned a seed sample of this variety to Ruth and Russell’s descendants who wished to become seed stewards again.

Seed Savers Exchange is honored to bring this variety out of our bank and into the hands of gardeners.