Shade Flower Mix

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  • New for 2022
  • Annuals and perennials
  • Early, late, and mid-blooming flowers
  • Beautiful mix of colors
  • Flowers tolerate partial shade
  • Sows 200 square feet per oz

$3.75 to $9.08

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This shade seed mixture contains a colorful array of more than 15 annuals and perennials that tolerate partial shade. Not suitable for densely shaded areas, it works best in locations that receive strong, filtered sunlight or 1-4 hours of direct sun per day.

Varieties include:

  • Annual Baby's Breath (Gypsophila elegans)
  • Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii)
  • Candytuft (Iberis umbellata)
  • Chinese Forget-Me-Not (Cynoglossum amabile)
  • Chinese Houses (Collinsia heterophylla)
  • Clarkia (Clarkia unguiculata)
  • Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)
  • Dwarf Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris)
  • Giant Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea)
  • Johnny Jump-Up (Viola cornuta)
  • Lance-Leaved Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata)
  • Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
  • Rocket Larkspur (Delphinium consolida)
  • Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum)
  • Spurred Snapdragon (Linaria maroccana)
  • Sweet William Pinks (Dianthus barbatus)
  • Tussock Bellflower (Campanula carpatica)

You may sow the shade mix 1 to 2 weeks before your average last frost date. Mix the seed with some sand or sawdust, broadcast the seed, and then go over the area with a rake to work the seed into the soil a little.

This product is best seeded at 6-12 lbs per acre or 5 ounces for 1000 square feet.

Confirm the varieties in this mix are safe for your state/region by visiting the USDA National Invasive Species Information Center
Aquatic Plants or Terrestrial Plants

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This was a pretty mix, and grew really well. However, the Chinese forget-me-not took over the second year and we were fighting burs on pets, garden gloves, socks etc. They re-seed themselves and I’ve been pulling them out like weeds now before they can go to seed. It was sad because the blue blooms were gorgeous! If you have the space to let them spread and don’t have pets to run through them, I could see this bring a nice mix, although I’d be a bit concerned about it becoming invasive…

NE Iowa Gardner,
We agree, it is a pretty mix! The Chinese forget-me-not does self seed and that tends to lead to it spreading. We hope that this will not prevent you from ordering from us in the future! Thank you, Jody