Community Seed Donations

We are currently unable to accept Herman's Garden and Disaster Relief applications. Please check back January 2023.

We donate seeds each year to hundreds of gardens across the United States.

The financial support of Herman Warsh and his wife Maryanne Mott helped to establish our headquarters in Decorah, Iowa: Heritage Farm. To honor their support, we donate seeds to organizations and gardens in need through our Herman's Garden Seed Donation Program.

Groups that qualify for seed donations include:

  • Community and educational groups who will freely share the harvest
  • Community and educational groups who will save seed for others in need
  • Non-profits, schools, community gardens, seed libraries and educational programs

If your garden or farm has been impacted by recent hurricanes or natural disasters, we'd like to extend a hand. Our seed donation program is set up to fulfill the needs of community gardens and groups, but we understand that at this time, because of numerous natural disasters, there is a larger need beyond our current program. Our thoughts are with you as you contend with loss and start the long road ahead to rebuild.