Red Cap Zinnia

Zinnia elegans | SKU: 0303A P100


  • Organic
  • Annual plants grow to 2 feet tall
  • Bright red flowers are less than 2 inches across
  • Productive and excellent for garden borders


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(Zinnia elegans) Unique Russian variety. Brilliant red flowers (less than 2" across) with tiny petals that form a tight thick cap. Blooms extensively until the first frost. Excellent for borders. Annual, 2' tall.

Direct Seed: 1/8" Deep

Germination: 5-24 Days

Thin: 10-12" Apart

Light: Full Sun

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors after last frost. Zinnias prefer well-drained average soil. Water regularly, keeping leaves dry. Remove spent blossoms frequently to prolong blooming.