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Edible Flower Mandala Salad

From David Cavagnaro, author, photographer, and Seed Savers Exchange advisor and lifetime member

Mandala salad

Mandalas are sacred, symmetrical designs that lend themselves to creatively beautiful edibles. I usually create salads and desserts as mandalas, using round platters for the traditional circular mandala form. But when I serve a salad for large groups, I often use big wooden trays I have for that purpose. For a salad, just use your imagination when it comes to ingredients.

Create This Salad at Home

Start with:

Bed of salad greens: varieties of lettuce, a bit of fresh basil, and arugula, all cut into small pieces.

Top with:

Beets, orange carrots, and yellow carrots, finely grated

Cucumbers, sliced and peeled

Cherry Roma tomatoes (can use any colorful heirloom tomatoes)

Feta cheese, cut into small pieces

Edible flowers: nasturtiums, calendula petals, Siberian catmint, monarda blossoms (lemon mint/bee balm) removed from their stems, and borage are ideal

(Small violas, Johnny Jump-Ups, and mustard blossoms are also suitable for salads.)