Norfolk Spinach

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  • Organic
  • From the Collection
  • Excellent taste
  • Highly savoyed leaves

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Prized for its excellent taste, this historic variety has traveled from gardener to gardener. Seed Savers Exchange acquired it from the Abundant Life Seed Foundation in the 1980s; the foundation obtained its seed stock in the 1970s from grower and SSE member Peter Ruppell. Believed to be the same variety sold by Peter Henderson as early as 1878, it grows semi-upright plants that are 10" tall and 2" wide and bear dark-green, savoyed leaves that are heart-shaped with long petioles. The variety resists bolting when sown in the spring but may grow larger when planted in the fall. Round seed.

Learn to Grow Norfolk Spinach

Direct Seed: 1" Apart

Seed Depth: 1/2"

Germination: 7-14 Days

Thin: 6-8" Apart

Instructions - Spinach grows best in cool weather and should be planted in early spring or late summer to produce a fall crop. For best yields, harvest continually and make successive plantings every ten days.

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Best spinach


The only spinach I grow every year in the garden. Easy to grow, slower to bolt, cut and come again spinach with an amazing flavor.

A triumph!


I am currently growing this in my cattle panel greenhouse in zone 6b, high desert climate. This is doing GREAT! It's the fastest grower in there and still hasn't bolted. Don't be fooled, the first few leaves don't look like the picture but they get more wrinkly as more leaves are produced. We clip a few leaves a day for a big salad, and it keeps growing! I like a cut and come back green :) I am definitely going to grow this as a keeper. My kids eat it straight from the greenhouse. Mild, crisp, and nutritious.

A convert to Norfolk spinach


I'd always grown Bloomsdale spinach, but thought I'd give Norfolk a try this year. What a great spinach! Excellent germination, healthy, husky plants, super productive. I grew under row covers, removing them only when the temp. topped 80 .Great fresh in salads or cooked (spinach lasagna!) I just harvested 4 1-gallon bags of leaves from an 8' row and there's lots left.

heat resistant


This spinach germinated reliably and grew beautifully in a Missouri spring. That's a tall order for spinach because we are notorious for our up and down temperatures. Much slower to bolt than any other spinach I've tried.