Music Garlic

Allium sativum | SKU: 1199A-SLDOUT
7 Reviews

Sold Out As Of 8/18/2021

  • Organic
  • Hardneck
  • 4-10 cloves per head
  • Very tight, durable heads

Sold Out As Of 8/18/2021

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This Italian variety boasts a delicious, spicy flavor when raw and a rich, sweet, and caramelly one when roasted. Its bright-white bulbs have a hint of pink and brown on the clove skins, and its large cloves are easy to peel. This porcelain-type garlic takes its name from Al Music, who brought it to Canada in the 1980s from his Italian homeland. It prefers cold climates but can adapt to warmer climates if not exposed to early-summer drought or heat stress. Hardneck, 4-10 cloves per bulb.

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews


Pretty nice garlic


Nice, large cloves, but only got 9 out of 2 bulbs. Planted on 10/8/19 and harvested on 7/3/20. Nice bulbs, eager to try it. Had better luck with the Early Purple Italian and Broadleaf Czech that I also got from Seed Savers last fall.

Highly recommended


I'm on year 4 of this garlic from original seed purchased in 2017. It's been quite dependable and tastes wonderful. Cloves are huge, the bulbs vary in size. Highly recommended. I live in Cedar Falls, IA

More like 4-5 cloves per head, not 4-10.


Haven't grown these yet But they are not 4-10 cloves per head. I ordered 5 heads and got 4-5 cloves per head. If estimated based on the description that I would have on average 7 cloves per hear and after ordering five I expected to get around 35 cloves to plant. Instead I only have 20 cloves to plant, almost half as much than I expected. I would have bought double the amount if the description was better. I'm pretty unhappy now that all garlic everywhere is sold out for the season. I'm very disappointed in the mis-infomative product description.

The product itself is very nice, the cloves are very, very large, but only 4-5 per had. In the past, we grew Chesnok Red which was nice. The Music cloves I received are about double the size of the biggest Chesnok Red cloves I got last year.

Large cloves produce great garlic


Excellent garlic! Have purchased for years. I like the large cloves..produce wonderful garlic. Please don’t change!

It took two tries!


I'm in zone 6b. I first tried growing this garlic in 2019 for 2020 harvest. It failed. I ordered another 5-bulbs in 2020 for summer 2021, but this time I planted in a relatively low spot. It went wild! I harvested in June 2021, and cured until the end of July. I only lost a couple in the ground, and I only have 2 bulbs I need to use right away. I have 29 bulbs to save at harvest! I'm aiming to replant enough cloves to harvest 120 bulbs in 2022. We're looking forward to many garlic roastings in our future.

Music Garlic heads deliver the goods!!


After reading the other reviews I felt it was necessary to write my experience with Music. I purchased Music heads from SS and have reseeded since 2015. I always save the most uniform bulbs with 6 toes for my reseeding. I usually plant 40-50 toes after first killing frost. My heads generally have 6 cloves per head. With the rest having 5. These are very big heads and each Clove being quite large. I generally roast a dozen or so then squeeze the softened cloves into an ice cube tray to freeze then remove and place in a freezer bag to use all winter in soups, stews, roasts, and many other recipes that call for garlic. What a time saver!!

Best garlic so far


Grew this commercially with great success in San Diego CA. Large easy to peel, beautiful in appearance, cloves. Had no issues whatsoever with growing this even in a warm climate. Never did understand though why garlic for growing more expensive than garlic in the store. I wasn’t selling to my customers for this price. Head scratcher.