Moon & Stars (Yellow) Watermelon

Citrullus lanatus | SKU: 0968A
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$3.75 to $15.75
  • Organic
  • Oval fruits grow to 24 inches long and 16 pounds
  • Yellow flesh and white seeds
  • Foliage and fruits are spotted with yellow
  • Shows some disease and drought tolerance
  • 95 days

This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States.

$3.75 to $15.75

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Item Details

Introduced by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in 1987. Foliage and fruits are spotted with yellow, just like the original Van Doren strain, but flesh is yellow and seeds are white. Sweet fruits up to 24" long and 16 pounds in weight. Shows some tolerance to disease and drought. 95 days.

Learn to Grow Moon & Stars (Yellow) Watermelon

Direct Seed: 1/2" Deep

Seeds to Hill: 6-8 Seeds

Thin: To 3-4 Plants

Light: Full Sun

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Space hills 8' apart in all directions. Seeds will germinate in 4-10 days. Can also be started indoors 4 weeks before transplanting out. Watermelons love heat and prefer sandy or light-textured soils.

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Marvelous Melons!


One plant produced about 8- 10, fifteen to twenty pound watermelons. They were very easy to grow and juicy deliciousness every one of them! Or so we were told.We ended up gifting several to neighbors, friends, family and ended up consuming four melons to ourselves over a course of a week.



taste so good worth 100$



Very vigorous and productive vines with no disease issues while cantaloupe planted adjacent succumbed to powdery mildew. Received copious compliments on the flavor from friends and customers at the farmers' market.



I planted two plants here in central FL, no amending our sandy soil, just two plants in an area with no grass. They have completely taken over, are crawling over the fence and the vines I have, and have produced 2 watermelons well over 30 pounds, two and a half feet long. There's probably one or two more watermelons but the leaves are so dense I can't see anything! The flavor is wonderful, and they cut very easily, it is easy to deseed them because they split in a perfect way where you can just take them out. The rinds are also a great substitute for zucchini in my dishes