Minnesota Midget Melon

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Minnesota Midget - SOLD OUT 2021

  • Vines rarely grow over 3 feet and fruits grow to 4 inches
  • Juicy, super-sweet orange flesh
  • Resistant to fusarium wilt
  • 60-75 days
  • ±1,200 seeds/oz

Minnesota Midget - SOLD OUT 2021

$3.75 to $47.15

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Extra-early variety bred by the University of Minnesota at St. Paul in 1948; introduced by Farmer Seed and Nursery Company. Capable of producing two crops—an excellent choice for northern gardeners. Vines seldom over 3' long; suitable for growing in containers. Round 4" fruits have thick golden-yellow flesh that is edible to the rind and deliciously sweet. Resistant to fusarium wilt. 60-75 days. ±1,200 seeds/oz.

Learn to Grow Minnesota Midget Melon

Direct Seed: 1" Deep

Seeds to Hill: 6-8 Seeds

Thin: To 3-4 Plants

Light: Full Sun

Instructions - Melons love heat. Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Space hills 6' apart in all directions. Seeds will germinate in 4-10 days. Can also be started indoors 2-3 weeks before last frost.

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good taste, hard to grow.


Not sure why but I can not seem to get these things to germinate and then grow. I have friends who have grown them and they have great flavor. No idea. 3 stars because I've tasted them and know they are good, but I haven't had success growing them.

Great for small gardens and easy to save seeds


Have been growing and saving seeds on mn midget plants for over a decade. Most years have been good with the plants that survive. Usually getting 3 to 12 fruit for the 2 plants I keep. I have a small garden so these are space savers for me. Fruit is perfect for one person to finish up so no sitting in the fridge. I am mid south so keeping enough water on the plant can be a hassle.

Delicious! Zone 9 Glendale AZ


Compact vines easy to grow and an early harvest. You'll know when ripe by the color change and it'll slip easy from vine. Nice rich flavor and refreshingly juicy on a hot summer day!

Super tasty cantaloupe for the Pacific NW


I've grown these for the past 3 years in the Seattle area. Compact 3-foot plants with very juicy, outstanding cantaloupe flavor. Easy to grow in a sunny location. I harvest them at 3-4" diameter so the critters don't snack on them too much. Can't blame them. They are spectacularly delicious. I harvest them definitely on the green side, near the end of September in our area, and they taste fully ripe. Powderly mildew sets in later than all my other susceptible plants.

Delicious and easy to grow


This plant has beautiful leaves and produces delicious fruits. I’m in zone 5b, planted the seeds indoors in mid April, planted them outside in mid May. Now harvesting ripe fruit in early August. So yummy! Easy to germinate and grow. Grew them upright successfully using T-shirts to support them. Melon came right off vine when ripe

Very sweet melon


These did great in Iowa zone 5b. I planted very late, end of June, & just began harvesting in mid August. The vines are 4-5 ft long, melons are 4-6" & very sweet.

Worth planting


I raised these for the first time in 2021. My field was out where I could not water it. I should of mulched them. But I still got several nice sweet midget melons. I will plant again in 2022.