Martino's Roma Tomato

Solanum lycopersicum | SKU: 0259A
3 Reviews
$3.25 to $13.75
  • Organic
  • Fruits grow to 2-3 ounces
  • Rugose (puckered) foliage
  • Fruit tends to fall off the vine when fully ripe
  • Determinate - Fruit ripens over a 2 week period
  • 75 days from transplant

$3.25 to $13.75

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Item Details

Italian variety with pretty rugose (puckered) foliage. Very heavy set of mild 2-3 ounce fruits perfectly suited for making sauce, salsa, and paste. Tends to fall off the vine when fully ripe. Determinate, but requires trellis, 75 days from transplant.

Learn to Grow Martino's Roma Tomato

Start Indoors: 6 weeks before last frost

Germination: 7-14 Days

Plant Outdoors: 24-36” Apart

Support: Cage, stake, or trellis

Instructions - Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep. Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures, so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm. Plant in full sun.

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Delicious and Better than Lowes Variety


I had bought these to try out a new variety. The previous year (2018), I had purchased some Roma tomatoes from Lowes. The following year (2019), I grew Martino's Roma tomatoes, and the lowes pack together. These tasted a lot better and made for some fantastic tomato soup/sauce. They had a lot of fruit, and sometimes it was hard to keep up - a good problem to have. They were easy to care for, and I didn't run into any issues/diseases/etc. growing them.

Zone: 6b
Garden Type: Raised Beds

Wonderful for freezing as a sauce or chopped


This is a very hardy plant! It grows so many I have a hard time keeping up! I've also saved seeds and used those the following year if time allowed. I really enjoy these for chopping and freezing and for cooking into a simple marinara sauce for fresh eating or freezing. This is a really nice & dependable tomato. Reminder - they all come in pretty much at the same time so you better be ready to process them! It is totally worth it.



Great taste and heavy producer. Smaller fruit.