La Ratte Potato

Solanum tuberosum | SKU: 1363
$17.00 to $120.00
  • Long, uniform tubers
  • Yellow, waxy flesh
  • Firm with a nice nutty flavor
  • 100-120 days

While we intended to offer organic potatoes this year, we are only able to offer conventional varieties. As always, the potatoes we offer are non-GMO and highly regarded in quality.

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$17.00 to $120.00

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Long prized by French chefs as a top quality fingerling. We cannot recommend this variety highly enough, an absolute delight to cook with. Long uniform tubers, yellow flesh with firm waxy texture and a nice nutty flavor, holds together very well. Especially good for potato salad or as a boiled potato. Commands a high price both in the restaurant and fresh market trade. 100-120 days.