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Thank you for supporting Seed Savers Exchange as a member! If you join or renew at the Lifetime level you will receive a copy of Gathering, Memoir of a Seed Saver (by SSE co-founder Diane Ott Whealy). At ALL levels you will receive a packet of the Seed Savers Lettuce Mix and a beautiful decal to use or share as thanks for your support!

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About Memberships
  • Memberships are donation-based and tax deductible to the extent allowable by the law. Your membership helps support our mission and every dollar makes a difference.
  • All memberships are one-year memberships, with the exception of the $1,500 membership, which is a Lifetime Membership.
  • Memberships at all levels receive the same benefits, with the exception of paperless, which includes digital-only copies of our membership publications.