How to Share Seeds

Saving and sharing seeds can help you feel more self-sufficient and independent, can help you build meaningful relationships with your friends and neighbors, and can empower you to participate in building a stronger and more secure food system.

Our Seed Exchange

Each year, our members put together lists of fruit, vegetable, grain, flower, and herb seeds that they have harvested and would like to share with others. This virtual seed swap has been the backbone of our organization since the organization started in 1975. We encourage all of our members to participate by requesting seeds from others and offering seeds they’ve saved from their own gardens. Beginners welcome!

Visit our Seed Exchange

Community Seed Resource Program

The Community Seed Resource Program, sponsored by Seed Matters, provides tools and guidance to community groups interested in creating their own self sustaining seed-focused events, exchanges, libraries, and gardens. Since 2014, over 250 participants in 43 states have used the program’s educational materials, staff expertise, and community forums to jumpstart their programs and impact over 4,000 future seed savers.

Seed Libraries

The number of American seed libraries is growing in response to renewed interest in gardening, local foods, and community sustainability. Seed libraries increase seed access and provide valuable gardening training that helps families of all income levels grow their own food. View a map of seed library locations, compiled by The Community Seed Network.

Share with Us

Do you have an important family heirloom variety you would like to have preserved by Seed Savers Exchange? We may be interested in maintaining and sharing your variety to keep it safe for generations to come. Contact us at to inquire.