Heirloom Harvest

Striking daguerrotype photography and stunning heirloom vegetables collide in this volume of gorgeous plant portraits. | SKU: RB0072
$76.50 $85.00
  • By Amy Goldman
  • Photography by Jerry Spagnoli
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
$76.50 $85.00

From the home and gardens of America's premier gardener, Amy Goldman, comes a strikingly beautiful volume of heirloom plant portraits produced by photographer Jerry Spagnoli using daguerreotype, a similarly heirloom photographic technique. Heirloom Harvest presents stunning images of plant life – Fordhook Gem melon, Marina di Chioggia squash, Raritan Rose peaches, Silverado chard, and many more varieties – captured in a way that highlights their simple splendor. With Goldman’s introduction, a foreword by Spagnoli, and an afterword by M Mark, the book comprises an exquisite package.