Golden Plume Celery

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  • Organic
  • From the Collection
  • New for 2020
  • Solid, juicy, mild stalks
  • Great for snacks
  • Plants are 2.5-3.2 feet tall
  • 80-90 days

Item Details

This tasty, very uniform variety is extremely rare. A light yellow-green in color, the celery forms a small heart and has solid, juicy, and mild stalks great for making snacks or your favorite recipes. It will self-blanch if closely spaced. Plants reach 2.5-3.2' tall, with dense, intensely flavored foliage. This variety matches historical commercial descriptions of ‘Golden Plume,’ available since at least 1925 from American seed companies such as Stokes Seeds and Henry A. Dreer. 80-90 days.

Learn to Grow Golden Plume Celery

Start Indoors: 10-12 weeks before last frost

Germination: 10-20 Days

Plant Outdoors: 8-10” Apart

Light: Full Sun or Partial Shade

Instructions - Celery needs light to germinate so sow seeds very shallowly. In cool climates, sow indoors, then moisten and cover with clear plastic. When celery leaves begin to emerge, remove the plastic cover and place the container in a sunny spot, always keeping soil moist. When there are two true leaves, transplant outside when soil has warmed and night temperatures have been above 40°.

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