Events at Heritage Farm

Join us for gardening and seed saving workshops at Heritage Farm. Learn from our knowledgeable staff, meet other gardeners, and support our mission to save America's heirloom seeds. We're often looking for volunteers to help with events too.

Past Events

Start with a Seed

March 3, 2018

Plant the seeds for a successful summer of gardening. This informative workshop will cover the basics of seed selection, seed starting, and transplants. End with a behind-the-scenes tour of our seed distribution center and walk home with your very own microgreen garden.

This event has passed

Apple Grafting School

March 23 & 24, April 6 & 7, 2018

Learn how to graft and care for apple trees. Discuss apple histories, practice apple propagation, and take home three grafted trees to begin your very own orchard. Each session will cover the same material.

This event has passed