Community Seed Resource Program

We're building a nationwide network of seed libraries, community seed banks, and seed saving educators. Join us!

The Community Seed Resource Program provides tools and guidance to community groups in the United States who are interested in creating seed-focused events, exchanges, libraries, and gardens. The program is a collaboration with Seed Matters that supports community seed initiatives and empowers community organizing around sustainable seed. Since 2014, over 300 community groups in 41 states have joined the program.

"This is so special - thank you for inspiring us to apply. We have been having community seed saving library dreams for quite a while now, and you are opening that possibility."

Shae, CSRP Participant

CSRP Participant Locations

Find seed leaders near you! Community seed projects are growing nationwide. Explore what is happening in your region or gather friends to initiate a project in your community.

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About the Program

Whether you are a beginning seed saver or long-time organizer of seed projects, our resources can guide you through the decisions it takes to develop projects that fit the needs of your community.

We hope that this program can support your efforts to teach your community about the importance of seed saving. As a participant in this project, you will have access to a nation-wide network of gardeners and seed savers through the Seed Savers Exchange. You can connect with other participants through our community map and social media, find new educational materials on our webpage, and jumpstart your projects with the resources in the toolkit.

Every CSRP toolkit contains:

  • 70-80 seed packets from Seed Savers Exchange, including rare varieties from our Collection
  • The Seed Garden, the Art and Practice of Seed Saving
  • Blossom bags
  • Educational resources
  • A planting guide slide chart
  • A one-year membership to Seed Savers Exchange
  • A welcome letter with instructions on how to get started!

Saving and exchanging seeds is a great way to discover new varieties, preserve heirlooms, and breed locally adapted varieties.

Shea Conlan

Questions? Need Help?

Our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Shea Conlan, is happy to discuss our Community Seed Resource Program with you.

Contact Shea at or 563.387.5630