The Family Garden Collection

Six seed packets in a gift-able package. | SKU: 1645
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Gardening is for every one and every age. Enjoy growing together with these family-centric varieties and enjoy both the bounty of your collective labors and the family stories behind these treasured varieties.

Collection contains one packet of each variety:

  • Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry (50 seeds)
  • Ausilio Thin Skin Italian Pepper (25 seeds)
  • Swenson's Swedish Pea (75 seeds)
  • Teddy Bear Sunflower (100 seeds)
  • Oma's Pink Tomato (25 seeds)
  • Gill's Golden Pippin Squash (25 seeds)

Please note: In the event of a seed packet shortage, we will substitute a variety. Rest assured—you're still getting six great varieties!


Item Details

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

Easy-to-grow, prolific, and super-sweet, this ground cherry works well for preserves and pies, over ice cream, and in fresh-fruit salads—or can simply be eaten straight out of the garden. The plants have a sprawling habit and produce ½-¾" fruits encased in a papery husk that turns brown when the fruits ripen. This beloved variety takes its name from an ice cream stand, named not for a dear aunt, but for a cherished pet dog of the owners of Territorial Seed.

Ausilio Thin Skin Italian Pepper [Medium Hot]

This Italian-style, thin-skin frying pepper offers excellent flavor when stewed, dried, stuffed, or fried. Donated to Seed Savers Exchange by Chad Ogle-Riccelli of Des Moines, Iowa. This pepper has been passed down for five generations and is at the heart of the Ausilio family’s culinary traditions. 85-90 days from transplant.

Swenson's Swedish Pea

A sweet and flavorful snowpea, this variety is a productive, vigorous climber. The pea came to Seed Savers Exchange from Charles Swenson. His grandfather brought the variety to Minnesota from Sweden in 1876. Charles says the peas are typically harvested while still flat, then cut into ¼" pieces and creamed to make a traditional Scandinavian dish. Edible-podded, 70 days.

Teddy Bean Sunflower

(H. annuus) Beautiful double 4-6" golden-yellow blooms are great for cut flowers. Makes an excellent border in front of larger sunflowers. A favorite with children. Dwarf plants grow only 18-24" tall. Annual, 75 days.

Sweet Pea Currant Tomato

(S. pimpinellifolium) The best red currant tomato we offer to gardeners. Hundreds of fruits per plant. Excellent tomato flavor with a hint of wine. Fruits are borne in trusses of 10-12 on plants with a spreading habit. Great for use as a garnish. Introduced by SSE in 2004. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant.

Cornfield Pumpkin Squash

(C. pepo) First offered by SSE member Glenn Drowns in the 1984 Yearbook from USDA seed. Our top choice for use as both a carving pumpkin and for fall decorations. Fruits are flattened, light-colored, thin-skinned, and weigh 12-15 pounds. Very sturdy stems rarely break off. Traditionally grown as a dual crop planted with field corn. 90 days.

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