Bee's Friend Flower

Phacelia tanacetifolia | SKU: 0786
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$3.75 to $12.97
  • Annual plants grow 12-24 inches tall
  • Lavender-blue flowers
  • Attracts many different species of bees and beneficial insects

$3.75 to $12.97

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(Phacelia tanacetifolia) This annual bears subtle lavender-blue flowers with curved spikes that not only put on a show in your garden but also attract and support many species of bees. Often used as a cover crop, this plant’s common name is a translation of Bienen-freund, German for “bee’s friend.” Annual, 12-24" tall. ±18,000 seeds/oz.

Learn to Grow Bee's Friend Flower

Direct Seed: 1/8" Deep

Germination: 7-12 Days

Thin: 4-12" Apart

Light: Full Sun

Instructions - Sow seeds outdoors in early spring when soil is cool and a light frost is still possible; seed must be well covered. Does very well in dry gardens.

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Perfect for bees and the garden


Picked this seed last summer specifically for the bees and it did not disappoint. Waiting to see how much it self-seeded once the temperatures warm up here in zone 5/6. Lovely purple flowers and provided a nice filler flower for bare areas in the garden, while providing the bees with food. Will be planting again this year.



9.5 weeks after seeding, mine are in full bloom (first flower opened around 8 weeks). I was slow about transplanting them, so you might get earlier blooms if you act promptly in the spring. They are gorgeous, and the bumblebees are loving them! I have them in the holes of the cement blocks that edge my vegetable garden. I will definitely be planting more next year! They are about 14-16” tall. I grew borage last year, but it got too tall and was too prickly for that location. Bee’s friend is perfect!

Gorgeous and easy to grow


These seeds germinate quickly and the plants do remarkably well, even in my tough Colorado climate. The flowers are beautiful and smell heavenly.

bees love them!


I had a hard time germinating these the first year I bought them, but last year I tossed the last of the seeds into a few beds in January, hoping the cold and snow might crack them open. Sure enough, tons of them came up this spring. The bees really do adore them, and the little flowers are very pretty and fragrant.

A Super Pollinator Favorite


I have tried a lot of pollinator feeding plants in my garden but Bees Friend is hands down favorite. This flower is easy to grow and gets so covered with butterflies and bees it’s amazing. This year I raised Monarchs, and when they come out and fly they go directly to this flower and visit there for weeks.

Marvelous, frilly, soft and full!


The flowers are worth the wait, but the greenery is lovely on its own. Does not like to be disturbed or uprooted.

The bees best friend


These are amazingly beautiful and the bees adore them.

Love them!


The native bees here live these flowers the most! It attracts them the whole bloom season and they are beautiful.