Lettuce, Winter Density

Lactuca sativa
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  • Organic
  • Sweet, crisp heads grow to 8-10 inches
  • Slow to bolt yet also cold tolerant
  • Bibb-Romaine lettuce
  • 55 days
  • ±27,000 seeds/oz

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(aka Craquerelle du Midi) Bred in England. Large dark green curled leaves form upright 8-10" heads. Sweet, crisp, and succulent. Slow to bolt in summer heat yet also cold tolerant. Bibb-Romaine, 55 days. ±27,000 seeds/oz.

Learn to Grow it

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These seeds can be broadcast evenly in sections of the garden to create a bed of tender leaves and thinned to 6 inches apart as they mature. Plant your seeds 1/8-1/2 in. deep.Seed Depth: 1/8"

Thin: 8-12" Apart

Light: Sun/Partial Shade

Lettuce can be started indoors to get an earlier harvest. Plant seeds into soil trays or pots at 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart. Seeds should germinate in 7-14. You can plant your lettuce 6-8 inches apart in full sun or partial shade. Lettuce prefers to be grown in cool weather and will be mature in 55 days. To direct seed lettuce, either plant in rows or sow a thick bed for "cut-and-come-again" plantings. Sow a section every few weeks for a continuous supply.

There are about 27k seeds in an ounce of Winter Density lettuce.