Wet Grass Mix

SKU: 1632
  • This mix thrives in medium to wet soils with full sun. Species can tolerate seasonal saturation as well as drier periods in summer months.
  • Mature plants will range from 4 to 6 feet or more

  • Suitable for dry Midwestern soils (not for desert climates)
  • 11 varieties per packet 3.2 oz (±90,000 seeds)
  • Each package contains enough seed to plant 1,000 square feet

We recommend seeding the Wet Grass Mix (#1632) along with the Wet Wildflower Mix (#1631) to better maximize prairie diversity and inhibit weed pressure. Best sown in Spring or late Fall.


Wet Grass Mix Description

Formulated for Seed Savers Exchange by our neighbors at Shooting Star Native Seeds.