Corn, Stowell's Evergreen

Zea mays
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  • Organic
  • White kernels
  • Ears grow to 8-9 inches
  • Produces 1-2 ears per stalk
  • Sweet corn
  • 80-100 days
  • ±2,300 seeds/lb

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In the early 1800s, after years of refining this strain, Nathaniel Newman Stowell sold two ears of seed for $4.00 to a friend who agreed to use it only for his private use. His “friend” then sold the seed for $20,000. Stowell’s variety is still the leading white sweet corn for home gardens and market growers. Ears grow 8-9" long, 1-2 ears per stalk, holds well. 80-100 days. ±2,300 seeds/lb.

Learn to Grow it

Direct Seed: 2" Apart

Seed Depth: 1/4-1/2"

Germination: 5-30 Days

Light: Full Sun - These plants prefer warm weather and soil so they should be grown when temperatures are over 68 degrees F.

Direct seed corn in rows 36-48 inches apart and plant the kernels 4 inches apart and 1 inch deep. The seeds take 4-21 days to germinate. Thin your stalks to 8 inches apart as they grow and they should mature in 80-100 days. Corn should be planted in blocks rather than in long rows to maximize pollination. Consider planting a corner of your garden with 3-6 rows of corn next to each other rather than one long row.

There are about 2.3k seeds in a pound of Stowell's Evergreen corn.