Radish, Plum Purple

Raphanus sativus
$2.99 to $19.50
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  • Organic
  • Purple skin and white flesh
  • Sweet and mild; never pithy
  • Hardy and adaptable
  • Fall/winter and spring radish
  • 25-30 days
  • ±2,400 seeds/oz
$2.99 to $19.50

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Released by the Alf Christianson Seed Company in 1985. Unique deep purple round roots. Firm white flesh is sweet and mild all season long and never pithy. Hardy and adaptable. Exceptional variety for the novelty market and also for the home gardener. 25-30 days. ±2,400 seeds/oz.

Learn to Grow it

You can sow these seeds directly into the soil 1-2 weeks after your last frost date. If you sow a section or row every two or three weeks, you can get a continuous crop.

These seeds can be broadcast evenly in sections of the garden and thinned to 1-2 inches as they mature. Plant your seeds 1/8-1/4 in. deep.

Keep the soil around these plants moist until the seed has germinated and weed free throughout the growing season. Mulching the soil around the plants will help keep the roots cool.

This crop prefers to grow in cool seasons, so gardeners in Zones 8 and warmer should plant this vegetable in the fall. The shade from taller plants can help keep this vegetable cool in sunny gardens and warm climates.

Most radish varieties can be grown in containers as well as in garden beds. Sow the radish seeds into the soil 1 inch apart and 1/2 inch deep. As they mature you'll need to thin them to 2-3 inches apart. If you make successive plantings every 3-4 week to get multiple or continuous harvests. The radishes will be mature in 25-30 days.

There are about 2.4k seeds in an ounce of Plum Purple radish.