Lettuce, Gulley's Favorite Organic

Catalog #1616A


Donated to SSE in 1992 by Lucille Reeves of Oklahoma. In her donation letter, Lucille stated that this variety was reported to have been grown by the Gulley family of Oklahoma since about 1890.

(Lactuca sativa) Butterhead type; round, dark green leaves with a moderate red tinge and slightly undulating edges; very good eating qualities, crisp texture, good flavor; a staff favorite.

Sow outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Plant seeds 1" apart and ¼" deep. Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days. Thin to 10-12" apart. Sow continuously for a constant supply of lettuce. Lettuce is best grown in cooler weather. Plant in full sun or partial shade.

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