Cowpea, Italian Black Organic

Catalog #0010A

Heritage Farm Collection
Previously available only to members through the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook, this limited edition Preservation Garden variety will be available to our customers only while supplies last. Add this rare variety to your garden plan this year.

Seed donor Carmen Zwick received this variety from Mark Santangelo of Massachusetts. ‘Italian Black’ is a Santangelo family heirloom, brought to the United States when the family emigrated from Sicily circa 1900 and passed down through at least three generations. Mark still grows the variety today. He harvests tender young pods and prepares them like a string bean served with tomato sauce.

Vigna unguiculata ∙ Jet-black seed. Attractive plants with dark green foliage and purple flowers. Young pods are dark purple, fading to purple-tipped when fully expanded. Vines will twine if trellised. Very productive. Matures mid-season.

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