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Since our founding in 1975, Seed Savers Exchange has become one of the world’s most trusted sources for heirloom seeds. This has been made possible through the efforts of our members, who exchange thousands of varieties of seeds through our member seed exchange (visit for more information).
Membership also supports our preservation efforts at Heritage Farm, where we maintain one of the largest seed banks of heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of its kind in North America.
By becoming a member you are supporting a grassroots movement of gardeners and seed savers working to ensure a healthy food supply for future generations.
Act today. Join Seed Savers Exchange and become part of the solution—our success depends on your support.

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Seed Savers gift memberships

SSE Membership Fixed-Income USA $30.00No
SSE Membership Individual USA $40.00No
SSE Membership Family USA $50.00No
SSE Membership Contributor USA $100.00No
SSE Membership Benefactor USA $250.00No
SSE Membership Steward USA $500.00No
SSE Membership Lifetime $1,500.00No

Price:  Free!