Seed Savers Exchange Memberships

At Seed Savers Exchange, we’re uniting people across the globe in a network of gardeners, farmers, plant breeders and chefs contributing to the most diverse seed exchange on the planet.

Building a Network of Gardeners

Past generations knew that in order to provide for their family they needed to save seeds from their gardens each year, and in regions throughout the world seed saving is still practiced. With the growth of hybrid seeds in the last century, much of the world’s connection to saving seeds from their own garden has crumbled. This results in a separation between our food, our gardens, and the seeds from which they spring.

Sharing Seeds at Seed Swap

Since 1975 we have been working to re-establish that connection through promoting the work of individuals saving and sharing seeds with others and by educating gardeners, farmers, and organizations how to save seeds from their crops.

Member Benefits

The Heritage Farm Companion
SSE's Award-Winning Magazine

Discounts on purchases, workshops and events

Access the Seed Exchange
Over 12,000 varieties
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Special admission to hundreds of other
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Regular Email Updates
When you become a member of Seed Savers Exchange you are not only contributing to the ongoing work of maintaining over 20,000 artifacts of our garden heritage – the seed varieties in our seed bank located in Decorah, IA at Heritage Farm – you are joining a community of people working to bring back the process of saving seeds to every garden and to every farm.

Digital Scan of Carrots

As we move forward with our work preserving and sharing these valuable historic varieties, we need your help.

If you care about preserving rare garden varieties of fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and grain, if you care about sharing seeds with your friends, neighbors, and fellow gardeners everywhere, if you want to keep seed saving alive in your region through seed swaps, seed libraries, and seed gardens – it’s time to become a member of Seed Savers Exchange.

As a special thank you, when you become a member you'll also receive these gifts:

• Special discounts on seeds, books, t-shirts and more from our catalog, website and visitors center

• Connect with over 13,000 members to participate in our Seed Exchange – listings available online and in print – to ask questions, exchange histories, and swap seeds. Not ready to share your seeds yet? No problem, you can still participate. View current listings at

• Access The Heritage Farm Companion, the award-winning quarterly publication (and its archives) on your computer, tablet or phone

• Priority registration and discounts at workshops, events and our annual conference

• Email updates about our work, gardening and seed saving tips, invitations, and special sales

• Free or reduced admission to many public gardens around the United States through the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program. This program offers free admission and/or additional benefits at nearly 300 gardens throughout North America and the Cayman Islands.