Radish, Selzer Purple Organic

Catalog #0016A

Preservation Garden Seeds

Previously available only to members through the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook, this limited edition Preservation Garden variety will be available to our customers only while supplies last. Add this rare variety to your garden plan this year.

Seed donor Lial Selzer’s great-great-grandparents brought seed of this variety with them when they immigrated to the Amana Colonies in Iowa from Germany in 1867. Lial began growing the radish himself after his grandmother–who had taught him how to save seed–died in 1962. Lial and his sons still grow their family’s radish today. Lial notes that while this variety occasionally produces red or white radishes, seed should be saved from purple-rooted plants only.

Raphanus sativus ∙ Tapered roots are mostly purple. Excellent eating qualities: good flavor, moderately spicy, crisp white flesh. Matures early.

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