Fruit, Berry & Nut Inventory (4th Edition-Softcover)

Catalog #SB0001 - Fruit, Berry & Nut Inv (4th Edition-Softcover)

This is the only book
of its kind, a reference guide to
the fruit, berries and nuts available to growers
through mail order catalogs and websites in the United
States. This fourth edition provides access to 275
mail order nurseries with 8,750 varietal descriptions,
including 3,076 apples, 523 peaches, 327 plums, 757
grapes, 97 raspberries, 137 strawberries, 97 pecans
and 105 bananas. At the end of each description is a
coded source list. This book will prove to be of practical
use to both hobbyists and agricultural professionals
alike, as it builds on the heritage of plant breeding and
seed preservation in the United States. Growers and
breeders have developed regionally adopted varieties
with superior taste, disease resistance and countless
other virtues. Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory is a must
resource for serious orchardists and horticulturists.


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