Midwestern Prairie Mixes

Flower Mixes contain at least 20 varieties of native seeds, some of which will bloom the first year; others will require two or more seasons to become established. Grass Mixes contain an assortment of 6-11 varieties. Click here to download a list of what varieties are in each mix.

Dry Wildflower Mix

Catalog # 1627 - Prairie, Dry Wildflower Mix

Dry Grass Mix

Catalog # 1628 - Prairie, Dry Grass Mix

Mesic Wildflower Mix

Catalog # 1629 - Prairie, Mesic Wildflower Mix

Mesic Grass Mix

Catalog # 1630 - Prairie, Mesic Grass Mix

Wet Wildflower Mix

Catalog # 1631 - Prairie, Wet Wildflower Mix

Wet Grass Mix

Catalog # 1632 - Prairie, Wet Grass Mix