Corn, Hop McConnell Speckled Organic

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Heritage Farm Collection
Previously available only to members through the Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook, this limited edition Preservation Garden variety will be available to our customers only while supplies last. Add this rare variety to your garden plan this year.

Seed donor Fred Pierson grew up in Scott County, Virginia, where in the early part of the 20th century, ‘Hop McConnell Speckled’ was commonly grown. The variety gets its name from Wade Hopkins (Hop) McConnell, who operated a general store in the area and introduced this unique corn to local farmers. Fred’s parents grew this variety and his family used the all-white ears for cornmeal and hominy.

Zea mays ∙ Plants grow up to 12' tall with no tillers. 1-2 ears per plant. Cylindrical ears range from 6-12" long and produce a single kernel color—red, white, or striped. Dent corn. Matures late-season.

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