Herb, Globe Basil

Ocimum minimum
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  • Organic
  • Annual plants
  • Plants grow to a 12-18 inch globe with thin leaves
  • Great for container and ornamental plantings

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(O. minimum) (aka Greek Basil) Forms a perfect 12-18" globe bush with very small thin leaves. Intense sweet basil scent with spicy flavor, slow to go to seed. Ideal for containers or as borders in gardens. Very uniform strain. Annual.

Learn to Grow it

Start Indoors: 3-4 weeks before last frost

Direct Seed: 1" Deep

Germination: 7-14 Days

Basil can be planted indoors 4-6 weeks before you plan on planting it outside, or directly seeded into your garden. You should only plant the seeds or seedlings outside when temperatures stay above 65 degrees Fahrenheit consistently. If you make successive sowings of basil, you can harvest the leaves all season long. Plant the basil seeds 1/8 of an inch deep in full sun and they should germinate 5-30 days later. If you have directly seeded them you can thin them to 4-6 inches apart as they grow. When flower stalks appear, make sure to pinch them back as the flavor of the leaves will change when the plant flowers.