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70% of our spending is directed to saving and sharing heirloom seeds and educating the next generation of seed savers.

Seed Savers Exchange is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law. We are thankful for the support of our membership and committed to making the best use of every dollar donated to our nonprofit mission. See our annual report for a summary of recent programs funded by your contributions.



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Dear Seed Savers Exchange Supporter,

Seeds, in many ways, can be thought of as the foundation of modern civilization. Since the dawn of agriculture, more than 10,000 years ago, humans have domesticated, bred, and selected plant varieties that provide humans with nourishment needed to survive. One of the few unbroken traditions that we share with our ancestors is the saving and sharing of seeds.

For more than 40 years, Seed Savers Exchange has been a leader in the seed saving movement, supporting efforts to protect genetic diversity by encouraging amateur gardeners and small farmers to save and share heirloom and open pollinated seed. Our motto has always been: Grow. Save. Share.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff, I want to thank you for your many contributions that support our important work.

John Torgrimson
Executive Director

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