Beet, Detroit Dark Red

Beta vulgaris
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  • Organic
  • Very dark red color
  • Prolific
  • Stores well
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This variety will grow well in most regions of the United States.

$2.09 to $24.00

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Beet, Detroit Dark Red Description

This heirloom variety's history dates back to 1892 when Mr. Reeves of Port Hope Ontario, Canada introduced it after having selected for specific traits and characteristics from Early Blood Turnip beet.

Beets may have first emerged as crops that were prized for their greens. Round beets were not cultivated widely until after the year 1600. Beets are very popular vegetables in Eastern ad Central Europe and have one of the highest sugar contents of any vegetable.

The color from beetroot has been used as a dye for fabric, fiber, and food products. It is even said that Victorians used beets to dye their hair.

Learn to Grow it

This crop can be direct seeded into warm soil after the last spring frost. If you sow a section or row every two or three weeks, you can get a continuous crop.

These seeds can be broadcast evenly in sections of the garden to create a bed of tender leaves and thinned to 4 inches apart as they mature. Plant your seeds 1/4-3/4 in. deep.

These leaves can be harvested for fresh eating when they are 3-5 in. and for cooking as they mature.You should harvest the roots when they are 2-4 inches in diameter.

This crop prefers to grow in cool seasons, so gardeners in Zones 8 and warmer should plant this vegetable in the fall. The shade from taller plants can help keep this vegetable cool in sunny gardens and warm climates.