Collection, Blue Ribbon Tomatoes

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Can’t decide which of our many heirloom tomatoes to try first? Now you can sample some proven winners. This collection includes the winning tomatoes at the annual Tomato Tasting event.

Each collection contains one packet of each variety listed below.

  • Brandywine, Joyce's Strain

  • Igleheart Yellow Cherry
  • Mexico Midget
  • Cherry Roma
  • Italian Heirloom
  • Dester

Collection, Blue Ribbon Tomatoes Description

  • Brandywine, Joyce's Strain: 2016 SSE Tomato Tasting Winner.  It is noted for it's beautiful, smooth skin.

  • Igleheart Yellow Cherry:Winner of the 2015 SSE Tomato Tasting, this variety has just been introduced to the general public by SSE. These yellow cherry tomatoes are sweet with a rich flavor and moderate acidity.
  • Mexico Midget: The 2014 Tomato Tasting winner is a dark red cherry tomato with huge flavor. These plants produce throughout the entire growing season.
  • Cherry Roma: Introduced to SSE by Meilie Moy-Hodnett of Maryland in 1999, this was the winner of the 2013 Tomato Tasting. Their sweet-spicy flavor makes for great fresh or dried eating.
  • Italian Heirloom: This 2012 winner is an outstanding heirloom from Italy. The red fruits weigh over a pound each and are one of the most productive varieties we carry.
  • Dester: This tomato won the 2011 Tasting and was the runner-up in 2012. Missouri farmer Larry Pierce donated this variety, which originated in Germany, to SSE. Pink beefsteaks weigh up to one pound a piece.