Collection, Ark of Taste

SKU: 1635
Each collection contains one packet of the following:

  • Hidatsa Shield bean
  • Early Blood Turnip beet
  • Aunt Molly's ground cherry
  • Tennis Ball lettuce
  • Beaver Dam pepper
  • Sibley squash
Slow Food USA works to identify endangered foods from across the country to add to the Ark of Taste, and to champion these foods so they stay in production and on our plates. Learn more about the Ark of Taste in the USA by visiting Slow Food USA’s website.

Grow these seeds yourself to discover their unique flavors and learn more about the cultural history they possess.

  • ‘Hidatsa Shield’ bean: From the Hidatsa tribe who raised corn, squash, beans, and sunflowers in the Missouri River Valley of North Dakota.
  • ‘Early Blood Turnip’ beet: A good all-purpose variety that dates back to 1825
  • ‘Aunt Molly's’ ground cherry: Ground cherries are native to the Americas, but this variety has a history of being grown in Poland. Easy to grow, prolific, and super sweet.
  • ‘Tennis Ball’ lettuce: Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, these lettuces were often pickled in salt brine during the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • ‘Beaver Dam’ pepper: A HUngarian heirloom brought to Beaver Dam, WI in 1912 by the Joe Hussli family. Medium hot.
  • ‘Sibley’ squash: Introduced commercially in 1888, this squash won the SSE taste test in 2014. "